Fertilizer Projects Consultancy

Computrised Plant Consultancy

Complete PROJECTs for Single Super PhosphateNPK / SSP granulation, MgSO4 & Di Calcium Phosphate & revamping.

Managing the standard of manufacturing, induction, development and employee involvement processes with business objectives..

  • Development / deployment of the business manufacturing strategy, site plans and associated performance indicators.
  • Manufacturing and process technology & projects with a successful outcome for the business.
  • Managing and controlling the procurement, production, quality, engineering, warehousing and distribution resources to deliver bench mark performance targets.
  • Developing strategies and plans to increase company’s business in given geographical area as per the customer segmentation. To Motivate and support the Customer Facing Team for ensuring that the individual goals are met.

We can prepare the Basic and Detailed Engineering Package comprising of the following documents:

1) Process Flow Diagrams
2) P & I Diagrams
3) Utility Flow Diagrams
4) Plant layout
5) Design basis
6) Process Description
7) Material & Utilities Balance

8) Raw material Specification & Requirements
9) Effluent & Emission summary
10) Equipment & Storages List
11) Specification of bought out equipment’s including utility etc., with name of recommended suppliers
12) General Arrangement Drawings
13) Instrumentation details including datasheets and specifications
14) Control philosophy including logic diagrams & interlock sequence
15) PLC general specifications
16) Electrical load list
17) Single line diagrams
18) Civil bldg specification
19) Process operating manual
20) Insulation and painting details
21) Equipment GA drawings

22) Isometric diagrams
23) Specification of Electrical equipment’s including Substation, Transformers, MCC panels etc.,
24) Process Data Sheet of Mechanical equipment’s
25) Laboratory Equipment List

Revamping Of Plants

Our qualified team help in revamping & optimizing the plants:

With rich hands on experience in design, operation, engineering and project our team has successfully achieved the objective in the following areas:

Reduction of operating costs

Improvement of product quality

Process optimization

Capacity and revenue increases


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