Magnesium Sulphate Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process of Magnesium Sulphate: –

 Chemical formula –  MgSo4.7H2O

Manufacturing Process :-  

Step – 1 Reaction

First take previous mother liquor of previous batch in Reactor – 1 approx Qty is 10000ltr check specific gravity of mother liquor

Specific gravity 1.250 should comes if not then add Magnesium oxide and get specific gravity 1.250.

Than start addition of spent sulphuric acid 2000mt in taken mother liquor reactor and start simultaneously addition of magnesium oxide 1000kg in reactor and continue agitation while addition of both reagent continue maintain 100oC temperature of reaction mass.

Acid and Magnesium oxide addition takes min 8 hrs. then check specific gravity which comes to 1.420 if specific gravity not comes to 1.420 than add Mgo till to get specific gravity 1.420 after comes gravity check pH of reaction mass it should be pH 4.0( if 4.0 pH not achieve than add spent acid till to get 4.0 ph)

After getting both parameters continue reaction mass agitation for 2 hrs.

Step – 2 :- Filtration through Filter press

Than start filtration through filter press and collect mother liquor in crystallizer while filtration temp of mass should be 80oC to 90oC and collect all mother liquor ( containing MgSo4 in soluble form).

After filtration wash filter press by fresh water and collect water in to another storage tank max 1000lit washing is required, this washing water will be used in next batch.

After washing collect wet cake of filer press in to tray for further dry and wash filer press for next batch make ready.


Step – 3 Crystallization :-

After collection magnesium sulphate in soluble form will cool down by agitation in ribbon blender and get temp from 80oC to 27oC and crystal will come out from liquid, this process times cycles is for 36 hrs.

Step – 4 Centrifugation:-

Start centrifuge of this mass constraining crystallizers materials separate crystal of MgSo4 by this process. Collect mother liquor in storage tank for reuse in next batch. And pack Mgso4 crystal in 25kg or 50 kg bags.

Magnesium Sulphate(MgSO4.7H2O)  Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate

  • Free flowing –                            crystalline form
  • Matter insoluble in water, per cent by weight, Maximum     1.0
  • Magnesium {as Mg), per cent by weight, minimum             9.6
  • Lead (as Pb), percent by weight, maximum.                     0.003
  • pH (5% solution)                                                                 5.0-8.0
  • Sulphur (as S),percent by weight, minimum                   12.0

Raw Material Specification:- 

MgO- 78% to 80%

S.Acid- 75 %,

S.Acid -98 %