SSP Granulation Manufacturing

GSSP Computrised desh board 



 Granulated Single Super Phosphate (SSP) is manufactured by feeding SSP powder to the granulation plant. In the rotating Granulator drum the powder SSP is mixed with water up to 14%, which results formation of granule from powder.

The granules than discharged to the dryer drum for drying by heating up to 600 deg.temperature. The final moisture content in the granules is about 6%.

The material comes from dryer are cooled in cooler drum. After cooling of the granules, granules are sending to the vibrating screened for desired mesh.

There are two types of vibrating screens are used.

  1. Undersize vibrating screen.

In under size vibrating screen the undersize is -1 MM.  The oversize material of this screen is send to the next screen. And undersize material is recycled to the granulator drum.

  1. Oversize vibrating screen.

In the oversize vibrating screen the material size of undersize that is our product size is +1 -4 MM. The oversize material retained on this screen is send to the crusher, where the crushing takes place and recycled to the granulator drum. The oversize material is packed in 50 kg HDPE bags for sale as GSSP.

In the granulation process the SSP dust evolved. This dust is scrubbed with the help of twin cyclone system through blower provided for dryer drum and air is discharged from 30 meters height chimney.

Granulated form of the Single Super Phosphate fertilizer is more efficient as unlike the powder it doesn’t gets dissolved easily and doesn’t gets washed away, thus stays in the soil and fetches more benefits to crops as well. Constituents of Granulated SSP Plants are same as that of SSP only the form is different.



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